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Bridal Jewelries and Wedding Accessories


High quality wedding favors, wedding accessories, unique wedding favors, candles, gifts, party favors, shower favors. A fantastic collection of wedding gifts and favors for showers in on site. Take some time to browse around, we have a great selection of products. We have from personalized gifts to fall and autumn favors to candle wedding favors. We appreciate that you stopped by! May you enjoy a wonderful wedding and marriage!

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Light the way to the future with these charming tins!  These mini-lanterns add warmth to your table decor, while impressing your guests with their old-world ambience.  So versatile, you can let your creativity shine by using them as wedding favors or surround them with flowers for a beautiful candle centerpiece.

Facts and features:
# Each aluminum lantern stands 5″ high
# Removable lid that makes replacing the tea light simple
# Choose from glossy white or brushed silver
# Tealight is included

Someone once said, “Love is like a butterfly. It goes where it pleases, and it pleases wherever it goes.” Perhaps that’s why Kate Aspen’s “Fluttering Heart” Butterfly Chrome Bottle Stopper, magnificently marrying both the symbol of love and the butterfly, has a remarkably pleasing effect on guests at any event. Family and friends will remember your heartfelt thank-you and the wonderful celebration that brought you all together. Features and facts:

* Artistically designed, chrome bottle stopper with a notable weight and quality
* Elegant, heart-inspired, openwork butterfly at the top
* Bottle stopper measures 4 ¼ ” h x 3 ½ ” w
* Gift presentation includes clear, showcase gift box, beautiful graphic of yellow, lavender and pink butterflies winging through the sky, a white-satin ribbon and bow, and a butterfly-shaped “For You” tag
* Gift box measures 5″ h x 2″ w x 1 ¼ “

A beautiful wedding cake is often the centerpiece of the entire wedding day. It is edible art, the star of countless photographs and is even highlighted during the cake cutting ceremony. It is the one thing, besides the bride, that everyone wants to see.

Crown your wedding cake with these spectacular cake toppers.

Crystal Butterfly Cake Top

Sterling Silver Plated with Clear Sparkling Crystals

Size: 4″ w x 3 1/2″ h with 8″ metal prongs. Prongs can easily be cut and shortened.

Mini Crystal Monogram Letter A-Z

Beautiful silver with clear crystal mini letters. Add a sparkling personal touch to your cake, flower bouquet, or as a decorative accessory.

Size: Under 2″

Crystal Butterfly Cake Top

Sterling Silver Plated with Clear Sparkling Crystals

Size: 4 1/2″ w x 2 1/2″ h with 7″ metal prongs. Prongs can easily be cut and shortened.

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Simple and artistic…this elegant crystal accented flower will add the finishing touch to your wedding or anniversary cake. This is also a perfect item for adding into a floral arrangement or centerpiece. Make your wedding cake sparkle with this well-designed crystal accented flower.

Let a delicate design showcase your love!

Crystal Cake Topper

We offer the same high quality wedding accessories you find in bridal boutiques – at only a fraction of the retail price!

Wedding Cake Toppers are available in a variety of styles, shapes, themes and colors to add the finishing touch to your wedding or anniversary cake.

Crystal Cake Top Jewelry has become one of the best ways to add a simple, but elegant, look to any cake. Just imagine these beautiful crystals dangling above your cake. Great for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or any other special event. Available in seven different styles, there is sure to be at least one perfect for your needs. For beach themed events you may consider mixing and matching the Starfish & Sea Shells. Having an outdoor event during New England’s famous fall foliage season, perhaps our leaf design would do the trick. Whatever the event there is a style for you, available styles are:

Barroque, Butterfly, Heart, Leaf, Sea Shell, Starfish & Teardrop.

Crystal cake jewelry drops are unique and fabulous!

Sold in sets of 5, which is perfect for smaller cakes. For larger cakes two sets are recommended.

Cake toppers help define your wedding style and add personality to your celebration. Browse these wedding cake toppers by department, theme, style and more to find the one that fits you perfectly.

A very elegant jewelries signifies the beauty of the bride and can really say “yes” to your love. Bridal Jewelry, Wedding Jewelry, and Bridesmaid Jewelry – affordable wedding jewelry. Your bridal jewelry is an important part of your wedding day ensemble and must be not only affordable but absolutely perfect too. You want your bridal jewelry choices to be based on the perfect look for you. You’ll find it here!

Choosing wedding jewelry to accompany your dress is just as important as choosing the gown itself. And don’t forget your bridesmaids! These are important women in your life and giving them the right bridesmaid jewelry will show how much they mean to you on your special day.

It is only natural to want the best for your wedding. For many women, their wedding day is a dream come true, and it can cost serious money to bring that vision to life. And you know what: when it is your own money that you are spending.

Finding the perfect bridal jewelry this spring can be a great way to get Buying accessories such as jewelry can be a lot more fulfilling when you know it .

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Wedding crowns/tiaras can add beauty to a bride. make a bride into a princess and the center of attention. We have Bridal Tiaras in many styles; find something simple, something elegant… find a tiara for you.
We can make your most important moments even more memorable, more perfect.

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Wedding tiaras have become a unique headpiece to compliment your wedding gown and veil. They can be worn alone or with a bridal veil. They are usually worn at the top of the head like a crown or over the head like a headband. Tiaras are normally placed on the wedding veil, in order that the veil stays firmly positioned. In most cases, the tiara is selected so as to match the jewelry put on by the bride.

You can get both simple and gorgeously designed tiaras within a reasonable and affordable range.

Why worry on those expensive stuff of your wedding?
At Convenience Bridal Boutique & Events, you can have the dream wedding you want.
Very affordable wedding accessories with glamour and elegant designs.

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A wedding is the ceremony in which two people are united in marriage or a similar institution. Making the event more elegant and can not be forgotten, you need to have glamorous wedding ceremony but at affordable one. Traditionally, wedding favors are formed by means of gifts. These items are given to the wedding guests and participants. Most couples consider giving favors and keepsakes as their way of thanking all the people who have shared their time and effort in attending their most memorable day.

It is a dream of every woman to get married in a stylish and opulent way. The marriage dress is thought about to be one of the most precious dress of the bride.

Simple and elegant dresses can also add beauty in the ceremony. In a wedding, dress of the bride and others in the ceremony must rely on the budget also. Making it more convenient to the budget but be glamour that can be remembered.

When two lovers basically falling in love and making their relationship bloom together, they will  end up to marriage or a wedding ceremony. But their are things we need to decide to. Thinking a million times and seeing yourself spending together with the love of your life..

How sweet it is to have such experience that once in your life here on thus earth you have met a person luckily to spend to through ups and downs in your relationships but with the guidance of the Father Almighty.

Marriage is a universal human institution which has formed the foundation of the family throughout history. While the traditions surrounding marriage ceremonies, the rights and obligations of marriage, the way of choosing one’s marriage partner, and even who one is permitted to marry may differ from culture to culture, the essential necessity of marriage has long been recognized economically, legally, spiritually, and socially as the primary social institution for raising children.

Having the decisions to marry the person you love is the trembling feeling on the different stuff to arrange. Specifically the wedding ceremony which entails another budget.

The distinguished color of any wedding rite has been white. White flowers have been the base of all decorations at any ceremony. With the changing times it’s time for you to do something new in your wedding as well. It is time to move on from the white and splatter some color in your wedding ceremony and add elegant Wedding Accessories.